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Iron and metal Craft

The tradition of iron craft in Madhya Pradesh has been passed down from generation to generation and stands unmatched in skill and creativity.

Iron crafting begins with obtaining iron ore from local mines which the ironsmiths mould into various shapes and forms. Gond, Muria, Bhatra, Dhruva tribals, practise the tradition of offering horses, swings, trishuls etc. made out of iron, to gods on fulfilment of their wishes. There is also a custom of gifting to daughters exquisitely carved "Deeyas" on their wedding. Metal ornaments boxes, lamps, rice measure bowls animal figurines are a few examples of the ingenuity of craftspersons of Madhya Pradesh.

The folk jewellery of Madhya Pradesh is most distinctive, highly artistic, elaborate and varied. 

Jewellery is available in a variety of gold, silver, bronze and mixed metal. Major centres for folk ornaments are Tikamgarh, Jhabua and Sheopur-Kalan. Ornaments made of beads, cowries and feathers are part of tribal costumes.

Tribal metalsmiths often fashion ornaments by the age old process of cire perdue casting, or lost wax process. For each technique, there is a specialised craftsperson whose family has been practicing this hereditary craft for over three to four generations. The rural and tribal women folk of Malwa and Nimar regions in Madhya Pradesh are exceptionally fond of ornaments, and both men and women wear ornaments.